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Want to land your dream internship? Do these 8 things

When you arrive on campus as a freshman there’s a lot on your mind. Boys, girls, grades, parties, studying, food, the list goes on.

But the truth is, being a college student means you’re one step closer to the real world. And before you land your first adult job, you should get some real-world experience with the right internship.

An internship with the right company can give you a big advantage over other students and boost your confidence. So, between getting ready for your next date and all-night study session, here are eight tips to help you land your dream internship.

1.Write a killer resume
You’re going to hear a lot about how to and how not to write a resume but here are some tips you can trust.
a. Divide it into four sections – Contact information at the top, education and experience in the middle, and skills, references, certifications and relevant hobbies at the bottom
b.Use a readable font like Times New Roman or Century.
c. Bold or underline the section headers
d.Use bullet points, please! (the easier to read the better)
e.Keep it to one page
f. For more helpful tips – check out what our friend the Intern Queen has to say about writing a great resume

Speaking of the Intern Queen – she has a great internship search engine you can visit here –HTTPS://WWW.INTERNQUEEN.COM/INTERNSHIPS

Most of you will be paying your school a big chunk of money so to help you make the investment worth it, take advantage of the free career services your school offers. The career office can help you write a resume and cover letter, conduct a mock interview, and even give you access to “hidden” job listings. Do yourself a favor and within the first week of you being on campus, find the career office.

Career fairs are a great opportunity to put a face to the resume. Many employers take advantage of these events to find potential interns and showcase their company. When you visit your career office, ask about any upcoming career fairs 

5.Update your LinkedIn Profile
In high school, you were all about Snapchat and Instagram, but one social platform you need to start using more is LinkedIn. Not familiar with how LinkedIn can help you get the dream internship? Watch this video and then check out this LinkedIn Profile checklist.

6.How to ace the interview
Hey look, there’s another list for that – read our “How to ace your internship interview list” (I’ll create this one next and we can link it).

7.Prepare for these interview questions
If and when a company extends an interview for the internship, you need to start preparing. Here are popular questions you can expect to answer:

a. “Tell me about yourself
b. “Why did you choose this major?”
c. “Why do you want this internship?”
d. “What’s one of your biggest weaknesses?”
e. “Where do you see yourself in five years?”
f. “What strengths do you bring to the position?”
g. “Tell me about your past experience?”

8.Stay in touch after the interview
Once the interview ends, don’t forget to follow up with a thank you. It will help you stay top of mind and it leaves a good impression. The easy thing to do is send a thoughtful email but the best thing to do is send a physical note inside an envelope and send. The Intern Queen, Lauren Berger agrees with this! Having something tangible to hold and read is more impactful than an email.

Follow these 8 tips and you will be one step closer to starting your first day at your dream internship. Good luck, you got this!

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