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10 reasons to shop at Dormify for the perfect dorm room

Ahh, the perfect dorm room. We all wish to have one but often struggle with where to get exactly what we want – and how to afford all of it.

The truth is, your dorm room is your new home the minute you step on campus freshman year. When you spend the whole day studying, or you had a bad day, or you want to invite new friends over – you want a dorm room that serves as your happy place.

The hard part? You don’t have a lot of space, and for most of you, you’re going to be sharing that tiny space with a stranger. 

So, how do you make sure your dorm room feels like home?

Sure, you can spend a whole weekend going from store-to-store, but that doesn’t sound fun. And what if none of the stores have what you’re looking for?

Let me introduce you to The online store dedicated to simplifying the dorm room shopping experience for you. Seriously, they have thought of everything and we’ll prove it.

Here are our 10 reasons all the smart and cool college kids shop at Dormify for the perfect dorm room.

1. Dorm room essential checklist
We’re not the only ones who love lists! Dormify offers a “Dorm Checklist” to help make sure you get everything you need for your room. It breaks down each part of your dorm room by bedding, desk, bathroom, walls, small furniture – and the BEST PART? As you shop, you can check off everything you’ve bought or already have, so you’re not missing out on anything, literally!

2. College Planner app
They offer a free app called “College Planner” designed to help incoming freshman. It doesn’t only help you with design ideas; it offers TONS of helpful tips from people who’ve been in your shoes, including packing lists, interactive mood board, color palette creator, college survival tips, and a countdown letting you know how many days and hours before your first day of school. No other app we’ve found prepares you for the first year of college like this one.

3. Enjoy 15% OFF your entire order
We have a rule – anything over 10% OFF is a good deal when shopping online, and Dormify offers all first-time students and shoppers 15% off when you sign up for texts. You’re already on your phone nearly five hours a day (here’s proof), why not use it to get a big-time deal on amazing stuff for your new dorm room. Click here to get 15% off right now!

4. The amazing bed visualizer tool
Science will tell you that you’re going to spend the majority of your time freshman year in your bed – so, why not make sure it’s perfect? That’s why Dormify offers its Bed Visualizer tool to help mix and match sheet sets, pillows, colors, even headboards to help you design the most comfortable bed ever. Give it a try, it’s incredible.

5. Speaking of your bed
It’s not all about making sure it looks good – Dormify helps deliver ultimate comfort and safety by offering Bed Bug Protection, Waterproof Mattress Pad (accidents happen), Foam Toppers, and more.

6. FREE shipping on orders over $75
Don’t think spending $75 is too much – just spend 2 minutes browsing Dormify and you’ll find plenty you’ll like to break the threshold and be eligible for free shipping. We’ve found some furniture shops that won’t offer free shipping at all – Dormify is doing you a big favor here.

7. Plus! They ship it right to your dorm room
In case you forget something after unpacking or if you want to ship furniture to have it there waiting for you on moving day, Dormify will ship what you want to your dorm. Just be sure to double-check your school’s policies before move-in.

8. Visit one of their pop-up shops
Like something you found at Dormify online and want to see it in person? Now you can if you live in New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia or Boston. Visit their pop-up showroom in those cities and book a complimentary appointment with a stylist – they’ll help you design everything from start to finish.

9. Chat with a dorm stylist
If you don’t live near a pop-up studio, no worries. You can book a call with a Dormify Design Specialist and they’ll walk through the site with you and help design your dorm based on your preferences. And yes, this is a real person, not a chatbot.

10. Be a Dormifam ambassador
If you end up loving Dormify as much as we do, you can apply to join their Dormifam – a student ambassador program where you earn rewards for referring friends to shop at Dormify. You also get access to a community of thousands of students across the country, be a part of private IG and Facebook groups, and perks that no other students/shoppers can get. Imagine saving on saving on dorm or apartment furniture by getting your friends to shop at Dormify? That’s what happens when you join the Dormifam.

We’ll be honest. There are at least 10 other reasons we think you should shop at Dormify, but these are easily the best perks. Plus, Dormify was founded by a former student at Washington University in St. Louis and her Mom, so these are two people who know just about everything you need to know when it comes to surviving college and designing a personable and comfortable dorm room to come home to. 

P.S. Shop some of our favorite items on Dormify:

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Happy shopping,
Your BFFs from BLL

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