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About Us

How did we get started? Let’s see…


1. The Problem

Our founder, Ruthie’s (helicopter mom) two kids go away to college. They’ve never lived on their own before and they have like a gazillion questions. How are they going to “adult,” make smart choices and um…survive?

2. The Ah-Moment

If only there was ONE go-to site with all the answers…AH-HA!

3. The Big Idea

We think of all the things college students need to know. Like…
a. Where’s the best place for pizza or coffee on campus?
b. How can I save $$ on textbooks?
c. Where should parents stay when they visit?
d. How do I use the washing machine?

4. Off We Go!

We asked college students what they really want to know. Through a little sweat, chocolate, and coffee, we started writing lists…and lists….and more lists with the info you need to make college the best time of your life.

We put all our lists on this beautiful website. And now? 

We tell everyone we know to put our lists on their list… and on their friends’ lists… and… you get the idea!

Welcome to Big Little Lists

What’s on your need to know list?

Have a question or idea for us? Send it our way here.

About Ruthie

(Our Founder!!)

Happiest in: jeans, t-shirts, sandals or boots depending on the season

Everyone knows: I’m a total city girl (always have been, always will be) & I love the heat (cold = miserable)

Favorite activity: skiing (go figure), and walking on the beach

Worst habit: Setting 5 alarms & still hitting the snooze button

Best recent read: Year of Yes” – Shonda Rhimes

Coffee or tea:  I prefer a milkshake! but coffee

Cats or dogs: Golden retrievers! I’ve had two, the first one was Mr. Oz (miss him every day) and current #2 is our pup, Snoop Dog (big paws to fill)

Spare time: Travel & work at children’s hospitals w/Snoop

Favorite food group: CAKE!

What’s in my bag: There’s a lot! Mophie, Microlite bottle, Supergoop Glow Stick SPF 50, Clean Well hand spray, Lamy pens & a pink mini Moleskine notebook, a good pair of sunglasses (that stay on!)

Neflix or Hulu: Netflix

Apple or Android:  Apple

Last app before ZZZ’s: Instagram and Apple News+

Favorite quote: “Life’s like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing. Keep pretending.” – Kermit The Frog

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